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Founded in 2003, Vinyl Profiles produces customizable extrusions with state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality raw materials. Established to serve the needs of window and door manufacturers, custom display companies, and fencing and decking enterprises that required flexibility for their budgets and order sizes, we have developed a reputation for our exacting standards, innovation, and excellent customer service.

Today, we provide expert solutions for a growing number of clients. All members of our outstanding team of industry-leading professionals have over 15 years of experience working with extrusions and raw materials processing. The value that our experienced team and network adds in delivering the highest possible end products cannot be overstated.

Beyond excellence in customer service and our solution-oriented approach to all projects, we value both our timeliness and cost-effectiveness. Our production lines operate 24 hours per day, 7 days of the week. With that level of commitment, our advanced facilities can take your designs from concept to shipment in under 1 week. We also understand that some clients work under restrictive budget constraints. Through precision, efficiency, and systematic inventory control, we keep our overheads low, so we can pass those savings on.

At Vinyl Profiles, we pride ourselves on being the backbone of residential and commercial building applications. We develop long lasting partnerships with our clients that are a testament to the trust they have in our services. Contact us today to find out we can help you with your next project.

Vinyl Profiles

Mission and Values

At Vinyl Profiles, our mission is to deliver cost-effective and timely solutions for each client’s unique extrusion requirements without compromising quality and customer service. We hold ourselves accountable to the following values:


Established to fill an industry need for flexibility in budgets and order sizes, we pride ourselves on continuing to fill that void. We accommodate the unique requirements of every client through the provision of excellent customer service and we seek to develop long-term partnerships that are premised on mutual understanding, trust, and success.


We acquire only the highest grade raw materials for every project and adhere to a strict and systematic quality control process that surpasses industry standards. Regardless of complexity, we consistently deliver a final product that meets exact specifications and uses select materials and compounds that are optimized for the intended application.


Our team is comprised of industry-leading experts that provide support and guidance at every step of the conceptualization, design, and assembly process. We leverage the knowledge of our expanded network of professionals where necessary and provide every client with full access to our team.


We understand that client satisfaction is largely dependent on meeting strict timelines. By keeping our advanced facility running 24 hours a day, we can guarantee that most products are fabricated and shipped within 1 week of placing an order. On the rare occasion that this isn’t possible, we work closely with our clients to deliver a solution.

Vinyl Profiles

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When your project demands the highest quality materials, competitive pricing, and ongoing expert support, Vinyl Profiles provides solutions that meet all those demands – and we do it faster than anybody else. Working as your partner at every stage of the project, our team is dedicated to providing the best service in the industry and a tested final product that will exceed your expectations. Contact us for a quote today.


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